How to Set Up an Auto-Responder Campaign

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Why Should I Create Auto-Responder Campaigns?

An Auto Responder Campaign is a key component to your growing business. By automating emails you work less and accomplish more. Auto Responder Campaigns make key components of your customer service and ranking strategy automated, easy, and intuitive.

With Auto Responder Campaigns you can reach out to each and every single customer, making an authentic connection, getting genuine feedback and potentially landing a 5 Star Review with minimal work on your part. 

This sets you apart from your competition, who are more than likely manually responding (and missing many) customer emails. Giving you a leg up by building a rapport with your audience that lands you more reviews and repeat business. 

Step by Step Guide to Create a Campaign

  1. In the Navigation menu, select Campaigns
  2. Select the Blue + New Campaign button and then click on (not saved) in the line that appears below. 
  3. A new campaign template will open, fill in the top part of the form with (If you leave these blank they we default to all connected marketplaces, shipping countries and fulfillment channels)  
    • Campaign Label (for internal use) - How you want to refer to your campaign internally 
      • Product Promotion Email Campaign
    • Starting Date - When you want to begin sending out emails
      • Select any date from today into the future
    • From Name & Email Address - Your Name & Your Company's Email Address
    • Marketplace - Which marketplaces you wish this email to get sent to 
      • USA, UK, etc. (if you leave it blank it will default to all marketplaces)
    • Shipping Country - Which countries your product is shipped to
      • Choose which shipping countries you want included (or removed) from your messaging
      • If you leave it blank it will default to all shipping countries
    • Fulfillment Channel (FBA, Seller Fulfilled or All) - select the types of fulfilment you would like to have targetted
      • FBA 
  4. From there you will want to add you products that will be included in this auto responder. 
    1. Click on the Blue +New Products SKU button to add your products
    2. You can also choose to type the word "ALL" in the Product box to have the auto responder sent out to every product that you list on your amazon sellers account

  5. Next you can select a new email in the series by clicking the blue  +New Mail Sending and then clicking on the Red Box

  6. After you click the red box, fill out the following filters and click Disabled
    1. Template -  from the emails templates that have been created
    2. Status - The message trigger (pending, shipped, unshipped, partially shipped, cancelled, unfulfillable)
    3. Interval - how long you wish to wait before sending a message
      1. You can choose "Anytime" to send a message as soon as it is triggered
      2. Or you can choose the time of day that the message is sent after the trigger
    4. Repeat Buyer filters - whether you want to target repeat buyers with alternative messaging 
      1. Select "1 + Every subsequent" for every message if you wish to send the same messaging to repeat buyers 
    5. Promotional IDs & Price Filters - filter message by promotion ID, By percent discounted or by $ amount discounted
      1. This is used to target users that have used a coupon when purchasing a productThat's all there is too it. You've now created your first Automated Campaign!

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