How to Connect Your Amazon Seller Account

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Let's get Rocket Reply Linked to your Amazon Account!

Linking your Amazon Sellers Account to Rocket Reply is the first and most vital step to getting started. Without linking your account you will not be able to do the following:

Use Your Dashboard - AMZ pulls in your sales data on a continuous basis. The most important data is always at your fingertips with the Rocket Reply's Dashboard. Stay on top of ALL your Amazon Accounts and Products.

Import Order & Customer Data - Utilize your customer data with our advanced custom audience tool. Open up new sales funnels and retarget to existing customers on multiple platforms with our convenient customer exporter.

Use Auto-Responder - Automate your customer communication and achieve a 100% response rate. Get more reviews and watch your rankings rise with the best Auto Responder on the market.

Please Note: it takes 24 Hours for your Amazon Account to sync with Rocket Reply. 

Your Account Settings on Rocket Reply

  1. From the Navigation bar, click on the Accounts tab.Copy the Amazon Account Number which you will need to get your MWS Authentication Token. 
  2. Once the Amazon Account Number is copied, click on the  Amazon Sellers Developer Portal link.

Getting your MWS Authentication Token

  1. After navigating to the Amazon Sellers Developer Portal, Click on Sign Up for MWS on the right side of the screen
  2. Sign into your Amazon Seller Account 

  3. Select the second option: I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS. 
    • Enter Application Name: Rocket Reply
    • Enter the Amazon Account Number Copied from Rocket Reply:
      • US & Canadian Users - 8343-5081-6182
      • UK & European Users - 9690-3480-7918
      • Japanese Users - 0567-2261-2447
      • Your country not listed here? Contact Support
    • Click Next
  4. On the following page, tick BOTH boxes and then click Next
  5. You have now attained the MWS Auth Token. The following screenshot is what your final screen should look like: 

    IMPORTANT: Do not navigate away from this page as you need the information it contains specifically theMWS Auth Token & Seller ID.  

Completing the Rocket Reply to Amazon Connection

  1. Return to the Rocket Reply Account tab. Click the blue + Add Account button. 

    Then click on the  (0) Not Saved tab that will appear below
  2. Fill in the following information 
    1. Account Label - Your Business Name as you want it to appear in the Auto Responder
    2. First & Last Name - Your Name as you want it to appear in the Auto Responder
    3. Amazon MWS Auth Token 
    4. Amazon Seller ID 
    5. Market Place / Country
    6. Logo - Which will appear in the Auto Responder

  3. Click the blue  Save Account button and you're done!

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