How to Guide: Sales Tracking

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1. How to Turn On Sales Tracker from the Rankings Tab

  1. Go to the 'Rankings' dashboard.
  2. Here you will see a list of your products. 
  3. Turn Sales Tracking on by clicking the 'magnifying glass' on the product you want to track.
  4. A pop-box will appear titled Inventory Tracker.
  5. Click on 'Start Tracking'. 
  6. This will take a few seconds to refresh and now click 'Close'.
  7. You will now see a black box labeled 'Sales Tracking updated'
  8. Come back in about 48 hours to check on your sales for the time period

2. How to Turn On Sales Tracker from the "Sales Tracking" Tab?

  1. Go to the Sales Tracking dashboard
  2. You can add products 2 ways
    1. The same as the instructions above
    2. Use the "Add product" button at the top of the screen
      1. Click the add product button
      2. enter in the ASIN of the product you want
      3. Click the Add products button

3. Why Should I Turn on Sales Tracking?

  • This amazing feature can track the sales of your competitor’s products. 
  • It’s a great way to assess the economic viability of a niche or product, before making any investment. 
  • Spy on your competitor’s, discover new untapped niches, or keep an eye on which way your sales are trending.

4. How Do I Turn Off Sales Tracking?

  1. Go to your AMZ Tracker Dashboard.
  2. Click on 'Rankings' OR 'Sales Tracking'
  3. You should now see all your products listed out with small icons to the right of them. 
  4. The 'magnifying glass' icon should be green if the Sales Tracking is on. 
  5. If you hover over this icon, a box will appear saying 'Sales tracking is ON'.
  6. Now for the product that you want to switch off the Sales Tracking for, click on the 'magnifying glass' in that product row
  7. A large box with a graph will appear. 
  8. Click on the tab that says 'Stop Tracking'

  9. Now another box will appear headed 'Inventory Tracker'
  10. Click 'Close' 

  11. The box will disppear and you will see a box saying 'Sales Tracking updated'
  12. The magnifying glass icon will also switch back to grey

    5. How Do I Track Sales for Multiple Variations?

    Adding Products

    1. Make sure you have added the product in your AMZ Tracker Dashboard - To see how to add products, see here.
    2. Ensure you have selected 'Track Parent Product and all Variations' (if you want to track all variations under one product, you will need to do this).

    Switch on Sales Tracking

    1. Turn Your Sales Tracking On - See here on how to do this.

    Select the Right Icon

    1. In your Sales Tracking dashboard, for the product you want to check sales for, hover over the table icon.
    2. You should see a box appear with the text 'Show Variations Table'.
    3. Click on this icon.

    6. How Do I View The Sales Graph For Each Variation?

    Well, you will see a dropdown of each variation for your product

    To see the sales data for each Variation:

    1. Hover over the 'graph icon'.
    2. You will see a box with text saying 'Show Graph'.
    3. Now, go ahead and click on this icon.
    4. You will get a pop up box with a graph of sales data for that variation.
    5. If you want to see the data for different variations, simply click on the dropdown menu (highlighted above in red) and select the variation.

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