Ranking FAQs: Competitor, Countries, Data Differences

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Q: My Rankings Look Different! How Often is the Data Updated?

The rankings from AMZ Tracker are 99% accurate! If you are seeing odd results it's almost certainly because you are tracking both parent and child products together.

Our system checks for new and updated data once per day. So depending on when you add your product it can take up to 48 hours to collate the data. 

Additionally, you might find slight discrepancies between our rankings and Amazon's because they update their data multiple times per day.

Q: Does AMZ Tracker Work for other Countries UK, Germany, Japan etc?

YES you can use an AMZ Tracker account for any products in any of the Amazon marketplaces.  

  1. Go to the 'Rankings' tab in your dashboard:
  2. Click on 'Add Product'.
  3. Then you will see the box below. Now select the Amazon country site in the dropdown when adding the products.
  4. Now you should see each product added with a flag for the country you are targeting:

'Remember, you will need to do this for the each product for all countries you target. So if you are selling Product X in the US, UK and DE then add X for all three markets'

Q: How Do I Add Products into the Product Promotions for Other Countries?

  • Once you have added your product for the countries you want to target (using the process above), go to the Promotions section in your AMZ Tracker dashboard
  • Here, you will need to create a product listing for each country you want to target.
  • If you're selling a GoPro in the UK and the US then create a product listing for the UK product and a separate one for the US listing.
  • Now, your product will appear in the UK Deals Community and the US Deals Community and this applies for all other countries we have available deals communities for.

Q: How Do I Track Competitor Keyword Ranking?

What you would do to track a competitors product keyword rankings is:

  • Add their product to the Rankings tool in AMZ Tracker.
  • Add in their keyword's (what you think their keywords may be).

Just the same as you would do to track your own product.

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