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We have a great guide which tells our all about this tool and why you should be using it for tracking your reviews.

  • You can get notified with AMZ Tracker's Negative Reviews monitoring.
  • It’s inevitable that everyone is going to receive some bad reviews at some point due to various reasons:
    • shipping delay.
    • a confused customer. 
    • or just someone taking out their bad day on you. 
  • Respond immediately to negative reviews, and offer to rectify the customer’s problem.
    • You can often change the customers mind, and get them to update their review in Amazon.
    • You may want to give them a refund.
    • Offer them a bonus, or do whatever else you need to do to create a happy customer. 
    • After all, studies have shown that it takes 12 positive reviews to make up for one negative review.
Hint: Be liberal with your refund policy.

Our Negative Reviews guide is here!

You can find it by clicking on 'Negative Reviews' from the menu on the left side

1. How to Turn on Review Monitoring?

  1. Go to the 'Rankings' tab.
  2. Click on the 'Heart' icon for the product.
  3. Review tracking is now enabled or click it again to disable. 
  4. Click on 'Negative Reviews' from the left menu to access your reviews.
  5. Waiting for at least 24 hours for us to gather any reviews found. 

Each day we will sweep your Amazon listing and check for any reviews with 3 stars or less. If we find one, it will be added to the Negative Reviews tab. You are easily able to identify that there is a new review to look at by the count listed beside the left menu line item. 

  1. Click on Negative Reviews from the left side menu. 
  2. From here you have a few options:
    1. Filter the reviews to see only those products you've tagged. 
    2. Click on the "person" icon to see the reviewers profile.
    3. Click on the "poppet" icon to see the review in Amazon. 
  3. Once you have read the review and taken any action necessary to address it, you can remove the review from the tool. See below for instructions on how to do this. 

2. What Do You Consider to be a Negative Review?

If you're getting reviews of 3* and below, we would consider this a 'bad' or 'negative' review. You want to be aiming for 4* and above in order to really stand out from your competitors and get those sales coming in

3. How Often Do You Check For Negative Reviews?

The AMZ Tracker system checks your listings once per day to see if there are any new bad reviews.

4. I Have Just Received Negative Feedback, What Should I Do?

Read Amazon's Awesome Advice on How Best to Respond to Negative Feedback:

'Most sellers will eventually receive some negative feedback. When you receive negative feedback, put it in perspective. A 0-2% negative feedback rate is great. If your negative feedback rate is greater than 5%, you may want to review your business practices and adjust to the demands of your customers.

When you receive a negative or neutral feedback, there are several ways that you can respond:

  1. Learn from it and let it go: Each negative feedback is a great opportunity to learn about and improve your operational practices. When you are signed in and viewing your Profile page, you will see the buyer's name and the associated order number. In many cases, it's best to look at the order which received the negative feedback, fix any underlying problems in your business, and let your good record stand for itself.
  2. Ask the buyer to remove the feedback: If you want to respond to negative feedback, the best option is to work with the buyer to improve the situation that led to the negative feedback. Then, ask the buyer to remove the feedback. To do this, contact the buyer with concern over the problem, and remedy it if possible. If you develop a positive relationship, ask the buyer to remove the feedback (if you think it's completely unbiased) Remember that Amazon's TOS actually state you shouldn't ask buyers to remove negative feedback. Instructions can be found on our buyer Help page, Remove Third-Party Seller Feedback. When contacting a buyer, always keep in mind that pressuring a buyer is unacceptable and a violation of our policies.
  3. Leave a response to Seller feedback. If you cannot work with the buyer to remove the feedback, leave a professional and positive comment in response to the feedback, and move on. 
    1. To do this, go to your Seller Account and click "Manage your Ratings and Feedback" under the Reports heading. When you find the feedback you would like to respond to, click the button to respond to the feedback. You'll be able to remove the response later if you would like to, and if the buyer eventually decides to remove the feedback they left, your response will automatically be removed.'
    2. To respond in the comments section for a Negative Product Review
      • Log into your Amazon Seller Central account
      • Open your listing on Amazon (whilst logged in under your Seller account)
      • Click through to comment (it will show as the Seller name for the comment under the product review)

5. How Can I Remove a Negative Review from the Tool?

You many want to remove negative reviews from the tool after you've seen them as to free up more capacity to show extra bad reviews due to limitations on your plan.

Or if there is a duplication of a bad review and you just want to remove one. 

 Note: This does not impact Amazon or the review on Amazon.

To delete negative reviews from the tool:

  1. Go to the Negative Reviews tab.
  2. Check the box of the reviews you want to delete. You can check more than 1 at a time. 
    • Note: Maybe look at the older ones here that you haven't been able to change.
  3. Then click on the Negative Reviews tab again, then this will initiate the delete sequence and you should notice that the reviews which were ticked have been deleted. 

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