How To Guide: Products with Variations (Parent/Child)

In this article:

  1. Understanding Parent/Child ASINs.
  2. Adding Parent/Child ASINs to AMZ Tracker.
  3. Q: How do I separate my Parent and Child products?
  4. How Parent/Child Tracking Works. 

Understanding Parent/Child ASINs

In order to set up your parent and child ASINs correctly in AMZ Tracker you need to know how they have been setup in Amazon. 

The parent ASIN is always listed in the URL -

To find the child ASINs in Amazon, click on the variation you want, then scroll down to the Product Details section where you should see the ASIN listed.

The parent ASIN is always assigned to a variation (likely your best seller) and then the additional variations are called child ASINs. 

In the above example the parent ASIN is registered to the color variation 'Translucent Pink', with the child ASINs (below) being the additional color options of lime, pink, purple or teal. 

Adding Parent/Child Products to AMZ Tracker

When you add a product to AMZ Tracker the system automatically tracks the parent and child ASINs of the product you enter.  This is the default setting for AMZ Tracker. However, if you want to track parent and child ASINs separately this can be done, but more on that soon. 

When adding a product to AMZ Tracker you have the option to enter an ASIN or URL. 

For parent/child products please always add them via the ASIN. This way allows you the choice of tracking the variations or not, and in addition to the this is allows you to track the individual child ASINs singularly.  

However, if you add them via a URL the system always adds the parent ASIN, even if you wanted the child ASIN. This is because the URL is always under the parent ASIN. If you look at your Amazon listing and change the variant on the screen the URL stays the same.

Q: How Do I Separate My Parent and Child Products?

  1. You will need to go into the 'Rankings' tab in your AMZ Tracker dashboard.
  2. Click 'Add Product'.
  3. Now, to enter the individual product variation ASIN into AMZ Tracker separately: 
    • Find the specific ASIN for the parent and/or variations you would like to track. 
    • Enter it into the popup for 'Add Products'.
    • Repeat for each product variant you want to track. Be sure to add each separate ASIN on a new row.
    • Remember: Do not use the URL as it links only to the parent ASIN.
  4. And then UN-CHECK the 'Track Parent Product and All Variations' box. 
  5. Click on 'Add Products'.

How Parent/Child Tracking Works

Rankings Tool: Rankings aren't separated by parent and child ranks, because it is always the parent ASIN that is used for the search results. Your title and description are linked to the parent, and each child ASIN doesn't have different copy. 

So if you choose to set up your tracking under the individual child ASINs, the rankings will always show the same data for each separate item. 

Sales Tracking: We can display the individual sales for each ASIN. From the Sales Tracking tab if you click on the 'Show Variations Table' icon, all of the sales data will then appear below the parent ASIN. 

However, if you choose to set up your tracking under the individual child ASINs, the Sales Tracking will just show the data for that 1 product variation. There will be no variation table available to display.

Super URL: You can create a Super URL for 1 ASIN or for them all. When setting up the Super URL you have the option to un-select ASINs, so you can edit this as necessary. In addition to this you can create multiple Super URL's if you want say 1 for each variation. It's your choice!

On Page Analyzer: The tool will analyze the listing which is connected to the parent ASIN. Each child ASIN has the same copy, so there isn't any need to analyze the variations. The results would be the same, like it is for the rankings. 

Amazon Review Club: For details about running a promotion for any type of parent/child situation in the Amazon Review Club, please see this separate article here:  How To Guide: Promo's with Variations (Parent/Child)

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