How To Guide: Email Reports

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Q: How often are reports sent?

A: The frequency of the email reports is all up to you. You can have them sent daily, weekly or even monthly; adding whatever email address you'd like to use. 

Q: Why use the Email Reports tool? 

A: We have a great video which tells you how to use this feature.  Email Reports video guide!

The quick answer is that we know you might want to see your daily numbers without having to login, or that you may need to send reports to your clients. You can set up white label email reports in your AMZ Tracker dashboard in a few simple steps.

Q. How to setup email reports?

  1. Click on 'Email Reports' from the left menu.
  2. Enter the following information on 'Details' tab:
    • Report Name = Whatever you'd like.
    • From Name = Senders Name.
    • From Email = Your email address.
    • Select the Frequency from the dropdown list = Never, Daily, Weekly or Monthly. 
    • Next Email = Select the date to start the email reports.
  3. Click on the 'Keywords' tab.
  4. Select the product/s you want to send the report for.
  5. Select the keywords you want to see by checking the 'checkbox'.
  6. Click on the 'Preview' tab.
  7. Check that the report looks how you'd like. If not, go back and change it. 
  8. If necessary, you can send a test email first by clicking 'Test Email'
  9. Click 'Save Report'.
Congrats! You have set up an Email Report! You will start receiving the emails as per your frequency entered above.

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