How To Guide: Setting Up Your Promo Codes

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1. How do I set up an Amazon promo code?

We support 2 different Amazon promo codes.

  • Multiple, one time use claim codes (recommended). Known as "one time use claim codes or promo codes” in Amazon. 
    • With this option each promo code can only be used one time by one person. 
    • The codes will look like this and be made up of numbers and letters:  
      • 7GM3-YYYYY3-ZZZZZZ
  • A Single Voucher (not recommended). Known as “multi-use vouchers” in Amazon. 
    • With these promo codes ANYONE can use the code and can share the code publicly. This can cause promos to go viral causing users to run out of stock sometimes or giveaway large amounts of product for very cheap. 
    • We do not recommend using this style of promo code.
    • The codes will look like this and be made up of numbers and letters: AA22XYZ1

We recommend you take a look at our guide, and especially closely follow the 'Single-Use Multiple Code Promo' tutorial.

Video: How to create single use Amazon promo codes THIS IS SO VERY IMPORTANT. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS EXACTLY!

**Sellers for note the following changes to Your Promo Codes. 

You can no longer create $OFF Codes, which means the only option you have is %OFF. This puts you at risk of having your inventory wiped out UNLESS you follow these steps to set your MAX ORDER QUANTITY.

2. How can I protect my inventory from going publicly viral when running a promo?

Firstly, we recommend using our single-use multiple code feature as the best way to prevent this. But, if you decide to go for the one single voucher (not recommended by us), here are the instructions, which includes details about reserving stock: 

Step-by-Step Process For Protecting Your Inventory

Note* This is not relevant to 99% of our users. Just use the single-use multiple code promo and you can ignore this

3. When the promotion is removed or paused, are the promotional codes still valid?

Yes, the promotional codes are still valid up until the expiry date which you set up from Amazon. So, don't worry, even if your promotion has ended, your shoppers that were issued a code, can still complete the purchase. 

4. Why Some Shoppers Don't Use Your Code!

We have a great thread about this in our community forum. 

Jump over and check it out!

5. How Can I Tell How Many Codes I've Sent or Have Left?

The most important thing here is to setup your codes correctly. Always be sure to use our checklist when creating new codes.

The amount of voucher codes you have left can be viewed from your Promotions edit promo window. 

  1. Go to the Promotions tab
  2. Click on the product title
  3. Go to the 'Vouchers' tab. This keeps a count of the number of vouchers you have left.
  4. Subtract this from the number you started with & this will tell you how many you've issued.
 Just remember that when you are trying to track sales numbers, make sure you do it from the codes used, not used because sometime the shoppers don't follow through with the purchase.   See the reasons here.

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