How To Guide: Managing Your Product Promotion Requests

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1. Understanding the Product Promotions dashboard

Once your promotion is live, it shouldn't be long before shoppers start to request to purchase your product. To take a look at your shopper requests, click on the arrow to the left of your product image OR click on the avatar icon:

2. How to send vouchers to shoppers

Please note that some shoppers will have a country flag icon next to their ID and others won't. Don't worry they're all real shoppers, the only real difference is that those who don't have a flag are all our shoppers that joined us, after Amazon's policy update. This policy update meant we were no longer able to request shoppers' Amazon Profile URL hence unable to show which country they are located in.

If you only want to send your items to a specific country and you do see a flag next to a shopper ID, then go ahead and accept/decline accordingly. 

If you don't see a flag but are able to ship your product internationally, then you can still accept those shopper requests that have no flag.

Individual Approvals

If you decide you want to send a voucher to an individual shopper, simply click on the green “Email voucher” icon that looks like an envelope.  As soon as you send the voucher, the shopper will be removed from your list. So don't worry about double ups. We manage this for you. 

However, if the “Email voucher” icon is grey instead of green, then the shopper has reached their code limit. They will need to wait until the next month when they are allowed more codes. If the shopper is relevant for your product promotions we recommend keeping them in your queue until they're eligible to receive a code again.

If you decide NOT to send a voucher to an individual shopper, click on the red “Delete request” icon.  This will remove the shopper from your list.

 Note: It is better to delete the request of shopper you don’t want instead of just leaving them in your queue.  This will make room for more shoppers to submit requests. 

Auto-Approve Deals

We have recently launched the 'Auto-approve Deal' feature, which is only available on the God Mode Plan or above.

Click into the 'Promotions' section on your dashboard:

Then click on the product ASIN of the promotion you wish to activate and in the 'details' tab, you'll see this page:

Then scroll down the page and check the box next to 'Auto-approve deals':

Once you check this box, shoppers will automatically be approved for your promotion, without you having to manually approve or decline each one.

Remember, this feature is NOT available on the Basic or Professional Plan, so you will need to upgrade if you wish to have access to it.

3. Do I have to give everyone a code?

Nope! It’s completely your call which shopper you want to send vouchers to.

4. Strategies for selecting the best shoppers

  • If you absolutely cannot ship internationally then only choose those shoppers with the corresponding country flag next to their ID. However, we can assure you that our shoppers usually only shop in their respective marketplaces when shopping in Vipon.
  • Not everyone in your list may be immediately eligible to be sent a code if they’ve reached their code limit.  If you see shoppers who can’t receive a code, it might be worth keeping them in your queue until they’re ready to be sent the voucher.
  • Please keep in mind that our shoppers are real people so you unfortunately won’t always see everyone follow through with purchases. 

5. How do I make sure I don't give multiple vouchers to the same person?

We manage this for you. Once a shopper has been accepted for a code, they can't apply again for the same ASIN. However if you decline their request, or you run a different promotion on a different ASIN (maybe a  variation/child ASIN), then they can reapply/apply for these.
Note: There is no block function within promotions. We believe that a shopper is entitled to work towards building their profile up to become a great shopper, so we keep them eligible for deals that they’ve been passed up for previously.

6. How long will it take to get the purchase?

We request all shoppers to purchase within 5 days maximum of accepting a code. However, it's important to ensure that the codes have been set up and work correctly to ensure shoppers can follow through with purchases. 

7. How can I remind a shopper to complete a purchase?

We do this for you, so there's no need to worry about it. We send them reminder emails automatically after being approved to ensure they follow through with the purchase.

8. How can I track who purchased a product and who didn’t? 

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We need to protect the privacy of both seller and shoppers. 

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